BIND9 install problem [ SOLVED ]

Mike Hogsett hogsett at
Thu Apr 10 14:40:59 PDT 2003

Sorry.  Operator Error.  ports-supfile was configured to grab `ports-net'
not `ports-all'.

> ===>   Compressing manual pages for bind9-9.2.2
> ===>   Registering installation for bind9-9.2.2
> pkg_create: only one package name allowed ('version' extraneous)
> usage: pkg_create [-YNOhvy] [-P pkgs] [-p prefix] [-f contents] [-i iscript]
>                   [-I piscript] [-k dscript] [-K pdscript] [-r rscript] 
>                   [-t template] [-X excludefile] [-D displayfile] 
>                   [-m mtreefile] [-o origin] -c comment -d description 
>                   -f packlist pkg-filename
>        pkg_create [-YNhvy] -b pkg-name [pkg-filename]
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/ports/net/bind9.

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