cvs permission problem on nfs fs

Matthias Szupryczynski silk_worm at
Thu Apr 10 07:01:10 PDT 2003


sorry if this is a bit offtopic as it is not entirely FreeBSD-specific,
but I did not know where to post otherwise. If anybody knows a list more
suitable for this question, please tell me.

The scenario:

I am running a FreeBSD 5.0 p7 release box with a more or less GENERIC
kernel (took out scsi and ipv6) During booting, the system mounts three
nfs partitions from the my local fileserver (which happens to be a
debian 3.0 box, 2.4.18 kernel).

The corresponding fstab entries are:

gate.lindenstrasse:/home/silk/lan /home/silk/g_silk nfs rw,-r=1024 0 0
gate.lindenstrasse:/var/www/public /home/silk/g_www nfs rw,-r=1024 0 0
gate.lindenstrasse:/samba/public /home/silk/g_public nfs rw,-r=1024 0 0

Since I am not running nis, I synchronized the uid's for my working
account on both machines manually and changed ownership to the
directories in question accordingly. 

So far, so good, no problem.

Now I checked out a working copy of a cvs project on my FreeBSD box in
/home/silk/g_silk, on of the nfs partitions mounted during bootup.
The checkout works (I get the complete cvs tree of the project in
question), but I get the following error a couple of time:

cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot open herbivore/CVS: Permission denied

I double-checked the permissions on herbivore/CVS, and I should be able
to do whatever I want.

Performing the checkout under /home/silk works without the error, so my
guess is that this is a nfs related thing, but since I am able to read,
write and execute normally on the partition in question apart from cvs,
I am a bit confused here.

If more information are needed I will be happy to provide them.



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