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Wed Apr 9 23:16:29 PDT 2003

Subject: Re: Advertising?


> > > > I was wondering if you would consider selling 


No, whoever you are, honest, dishonest, overweight, unemployed, syphilitic, androgynic, filial or otherwise, post haste make with the unplugging of your cables from out the back of whatever CompUSA QuintaHz monstrosity you have obtained and chuck said cables out your window.  I apologise if this sounds like vitriol, but ADV:  BIG HOOTIE MAMAS W/SNOT HATCHES is not going to be the future of the internet, so jump off that bandwagon before you get shot at for riding it, cowboy.

Franklin Pierce

"It's a new idea," said Jai.
"I'd better go and share it with the club before I become rigid and defensive about it," he added hastily.
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