Questions about F-prot

Mike Dean klaatu at
Wed Apr 9 14:46:19 PDT 2003

* Dragoncrest <dragoncrest at> [2003-09-04 00:45]:
> 	Ok, since I got all my other issues resolved, we're on to the next 
> 	bit of fun.  F-prot.  Anyone know how to link that to my mail system so 
> that it scans emails as they come in for viruses then deletes the messages? 
> I want it to scan for viruses, and when it finds them it nukes the email.  
> Anyone know?  Anyone even worked with F-prot yet?

I have it working, and scanning all my incoming e-mail.  I use Procmail
to filter & sort all my incoming mail on a couple accounts, and wrote a
script that is set as a non-delivering filter rule at the top of each
procmailrc, that runs a message through F-Prot.  If the message is
clean, it just passes it through; if it's infected, it drops it in an
infected mailbox, and replaces it with a message giving the virus scan
details in the stream of mail flowing to its normal destination.  If you
want to see the script, just drop me a line and I can send it to you.

I would also be interested, however, if there's a pre-written program
that accomplishes this (in the same manner).


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