Java 1.1.8 sigserv 11

FT fedor at
Wed Apr 9 05:46:51 PDT 2003


I've installed compat3x-i386-4.4.20020925 and JDK 1.1.8 from ports on
FreeBSD 4.7 stable.
And now I have problem: when I try to execute, for example, javac, I
get following message:

SIGSEGV   11*  segmentation violation

Full thread dump:
Monitor Cache Dump:
Registered Monitor Dump:
    Monitor IO lock: <unowned>
    Child death monitor: <unowned>
    Event monitor: <unowned>
    I/O monitor: <unowned>
    Alarm monitor: <unowned>
    Memory allocation lock: <unowned>
    Monitor registry: <unowned>
Thread Alarm Q:
Abort trap

I know that I'm not first who confront with this problem, but I can't
find how to solve it.

Best regards,


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