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jonr at destar.net jonr at destar.net
Tue Apr 8 22:01:11 PDT 2003

> On 2003-04-08 07:53, Jon Reynolds <jonr at destar.net> wrote:
>> I am getting the message "mbufs exhausted please see tuning". So, I
>> saw tuning. What file can you change the mbufs in? I remeber it being
>> in /etc but not which config file it was.
>> Also, would adding 'NMBCLUSTERS=4096' to the end of my kernel be ok?
>> Whats the highest value I can set this too? I found inside of 'LINT'
>> that mbufs would size itself 4x that of 'NMBCLUSTERS' if the NMBUFS
>> option is not specified. So would this help the errors that I am
>> getting?
> Each packet that is received from or sent by your FreeBSD kernel is
> stored while in transit in one or more "mbufs".  You can see how many
> are in use any time with sysctl and netstat:
>     $ sysctl -a | grep nmbufs
>     kern.ipc.nmbufs: 34432
>     $ sysctl -a | grep nmbcl
>     kern.ipc.nmbclusters: 17216
>     $ netstat -m
>     mbuf usage:
>             GEN cache:      0/0 (in use/in pool)
>             CPU #0 cache:   25/64 (in use/in pool)
>             Total:          25/64 (in use/in pool)
>             Mbuf cache high watermark: 512
>             Mbuf cache low watermark: 128
> -->         Maximum possible: 34432
>             Allocated mbuf types:
> -->           25 mbufs allocated to data
>             0% of mbuf map consumed
>     mbuf cluster usage:
>             GEN cache:      0/0 (in use/in pool)
>             CPU #0 cache:   0/64 (in use/in pool)
>             Total:          0/64 (in use/in pool)
>             Cluster cache high watermark: 128
>             Cluster cache low watermark: 16
> -->         Maximum possible: 17216
>             0% of cluster map consumed
>     144 KBytes of wired memory reserved (4% in use)
>     0 requests for memory denied
>     0 requests for memory delayed
>     0 calls to protocol drain routines
> It's easy to see that kern.ipc.nmbufs is reported by netstat as the
> "maximum possible" value for allocated mbufs, while the value of the
> kern.ipc.nmbclusters sysctl is reported as the "maximum possible"
> number of mbuf clusters.
> The size of an mbuf is very small when compared to the size of an "mbuf
> cluster".  If the output of netstat shows that you're running out of
> mbufs but not out of clusters you should only increase NMBUFS.  If
> they're both running out, you should probably increase NMBCLUSTERS and
> let NMBUFS pick up the change from there.
> - Giorgos

Thanks Giorgos,

  I did as you suggested and both nmbclusters and nmbufs were maxed out,
well nmbclusters was about 3 clusters shy of maxxing out. I went into my
/boot/defaults/loader.conf and changed the nmbclusters to =4096 and
rebooted. Should this setting have been added to the kernel and
recompiled or is setting it in the loader.conf alright also?

Thanks again,


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