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Maybe you could use an old version of KDE, I remember installing freebsd
2.2.X on a 486 with 16MB of RAM and using Netscape Navigator, etc., but
can´t remember if that was KDE or another window manager. Let me check it


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> On Tuesday 08 April 2003 13:02, someone, possibly Steve Moss, typed:
> > So I got a CD of FBSD 5.0. I can't even find "makeflp" or whatever you
> > write the boot disks with on Windows. (too old to boot from CD) (not me
> > the computers).
> The tools to create the two disk set, aswell as the images for the two
> are available on the FreeBSD 5.0 CD1. If you have the mini-CD, you may or
> may not have these tools, I do not have a mini-CD here to check this.
> The images are in the floppies/ directory in the root of the CD. In that
> directory is also a README file with instructions for creating the disk
> set. The fdimage tool (aswell as other tools, partition splitters,
> alternative bootloaders, etc) are available in tools/ also in the root of
> the CD.
> > Is it worth me persevering with BSD? I do really need a GUI because my
> > customers aren't that pioneering - they've emerged from the 2nd
> > like everyone else - as babies who can only point and click. So what do
> > you think? Shall I go on to ask how to make boot floppies from my BSD
> It is most certainly worth it. CD1 includes both the KDE and GNOME GUIs,
> both very good and easily upgradable from the internet with portupgrade.
> They require a certain level of power though, I would say atleast a 300MHz
> CPU and no less than 128MB of RAM, the more the better.
> For less powerful systems, you might want to look at WindowMaker. It is a
> simple, yet powerful and relatively easy to use window manager that, with
> minimal training, will let your users do most of what they can do with
> other systems. Windowmaker should be on one of the FreeBSD CDs, though it
> might not be on CD1. It is also available in ports.
> For more information on installing or upgrading from ports, after
> installing, check the FreeBSD handbook in
> /usr/share/doc/handbook/index.html, or online at
> The Handbook has also been translated into German. If you install the doc
> distribution, this will be in /usr/share/doc/, it is also available at the
> web site above.
> Hope this helps
> Will
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