Lord Sith lordsith49 at
Tue Apr 8 12:54:14 PDT 2003

Anyone using HighPoint IDE RAID cards and FreeBSD? (either 4 or 5)

I'm considering constructing a simple RAID 1 array for my home network file 
server. So far I've narrowed it down to a HighPoint RocketRAID 133 or the 
RocketRAID 1520 to go into my Celeron 400/66 & ABIT BH6 system.

Can you hot swap the IDE drives?
How is the management/monitoring within FreeBSD?
How well do the HighPoint drivers behave?

What about Promise cards? I know they don't have a FreeBSD management 
utility, but if they are stable enough I guess I can rebuild the array 
within the BIOS utility.

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