No MAKEDEV in /dev after cvsup and rebuild

John Murphy jfm at
Tue Apr 8 11:44:05 PDT 2003

BSDVault <diesel at> wrote:

>  I cvsup my box 2 nights ago 5.0 -> 5.0.    When I tried to remake all
>devices,  I found that there was no MAKEDEV in /dev which seemed odd.  I
>then tried to copy the one from /usr/src/etc into /dev which erorred with
>:Operation not Permitted.  I then checked securelevel which was -1.   I then
>tried to re make the one in /usr/src/etc with make install which told me
>MAKEDEV was up to date.  I moved MAKEDEV out of /usr/src/etc and then tried
>to make MAKEDEV which then said "don¹t know how to make MAKEDEV".
> I am truly stuck.  Can anyone offer some assistance.

5.0 makes devices as and when required.  So no MAKEDEV is required.


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