address sets

Asenchi asenchi at
Tue Apr 8 08:00:57 PDT 2003

Hello Everyone,

I have a question that seems really simple but I'll be damned if I can find anyting on the net for it.  The question is from a part of the ipfw(8) man page.

Here is my question:

How do you read this: addr/masklen{num,num,...}
or for a better understanding, this:{20,35,66,18}

Let me start with what I do know about it.  I know that this ( means the entire Class C of  That I completely understand, but I can't find an explanation of how to read the {20,35,66,18} part of the example.

This is probably ridiculously simple, however I can't find an explanation anywhere.  For the record, I have googled, bsdforumed, mailinglisted and searched tech definition sites.  The man page calls them Address Sets but no one else can define that...


Curt Micol

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