Why has my swap pager gone nuts?

Alexander Haderer alexander.haderer at charite.de
Tue Apr 8 06:50:10 PDT 2003

At 15:30 08.04.2003 +0200, Borgmaster wrote:
>When I try this, X is disabled but some daemons are running, such as
>Samba, ntpd, linux emulation, etc. Top reports ~430Mb free. I have 512Mb
>RAM in the machine and 256Mb swap partition. I know that one is supposed
>to have twice swap as physical RAM, but is that really necessary on my
>single user workstation? 1.5G of total memory is twice the memory I have
>in some other servers...

Where does this 1.5G come from? I see 512MB RAM +256MB swap.


top can show you the processes running, ordered by memory usage:

top -o size

With this command you should be able to find your memory eater(s).

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