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Sorry to send a Q without fully reading the documentation, but I've tried linux before and I just get more and more confused. I'll briefly tell you my situation:

I am living in Australia's Blue Mountains on a disability pension (I have asperger's syndrome) I know how to build a computer for about $70 good enough to run win95 for basic internet and typing etc, and I'm horrified that people on low incomes like me are paying over $1000 of money they don't have so their kids can do homework and they can email their old granny in ireland etc. So to make some pocket money and help people out I sell them for $140 all set up and connected to the internet.

The obvious problem is the windows 95 factor - I'm breaking the law and, worse, using a dreaded Microsoft product. If I could use a free, open-source (or not) OS of equivalent power usage to 95 (i.e. goes good on a pentium/486  100mhz with 32 mb ram and 300-800 mb hdd)I'd be happy. GUI-ed Linuxes seem to need way too much power and f
Freedos isn't ready (plus I had trouble with seal, gem etc as well as arachne). Apart from that I love DOS!

So I got a CD of FBSD 5.0. I can't even find "makeflp" or whatever you write the boot disks with on Windows. (too old to boot from CD) (not me the computers).

Is it worth me persevering with BSD? I do really need a GUI because my customers aren't that pioneering - they've emerged from the 2nd millenium like everyone else - as babies who can only point and click. So what do you think? Shall I go on to ask how to make boot floppies from my BSD cd?

yours anticipatorily,

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