solved my odd networking problem now a new interesting question

Rob Gallimore howlingrooster at
Mon Apr 7 21:59:30 PDT 2003


Well I solved my odd networking problem. It was just a matter of
rebooting to bring the network up. That was kind of dumb. Anyway, I
really like FreeBSD. I backed up all my linux files, trashed linux, and
now just run Windows and FreeBSD. Personally, I think FreeBSD is of
better qulity than my linux distribution, but that is a matter of
opinion. One question I did have was this... I have noticed that
programs origionally intended to run on Linux, seem to run faster on
FreeBSD under the "Linux Binary Compatibility" thing. Why is this? Also,
the Open Group, who licenses UNIX, says that both Linux and FreeBSD are
not UNIX or something to that effect. The reason for my interest in
Linux and FreeBSD was that I needed some Unix experience for an
undergraduate capstone I'm doing in college. How close does FreeBSD come
to actually being Unix, barring any license? I know Linux is just a
"look alike" or "clone". but what about FreeBSD?

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