KDE driver issue

J. Seth Henry jshamlet at comcast.net
Mon Apr 7 13:19:06 PDT 2003

Keep in mind that FreeBSD doesn't automatically create the dsp and mixer
devices in /dev. After adding in kernel support for a sound board, make
sure to head over to /dev and run 'sh MAKDEV snd0' - that will create the
appropriate devices.

To ensure the card is working correctly, I would suggest installing aumix
and play from the ports/packages. If you can adjust the mixer, and play
basic audio - you should be gold. (mpg321 can be substituted for play)

Seth Henry

>>       I just recently converted my windows 2000 box over to Freebsd
>> with KDE 3.1.  KDE loads up just fine, but just before it gets to the
>> desktop, it gives the error "Error while initializing the sound driver.
>> Device /dev/dsp can't be opened. (Device not configured)  The sound
>> server will continue, using the null output device."
>>       Ok, I'm stumped.  I've never seen this error before.  Anyone know
>> what I need to do to fix this?  Thanks.
> Build a new kernel with sound support.  Might start with:
> kldload snd_pcm # or another more appropriate driver to make sure the
> sound card is functional.
> cat /dev/sndstat # will give you more information about the sound drivers.

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