Trouble with SMC2602W wireless card

Pascal Giannakakis capm at
Mon Apr 7 10:00:09 PDT 2003

Morten Rodal schrieb:
> On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 07:22:44PM +0100, Pascal Giannakakis wrote:
>>David Brodbeck schrieb:
>>>I'm beginning to suspect there are multiple versions of this card.  Some 
>>>of the websites I've found seem to suggest a card that consists of a 
>>>removable PCMCIA card in a PCI adapter.  What I have doesn't resemble 
>>>that at all.  I've already been burned by the D-Link DWL-650 PCMCIA card 
>>>I bought for my laptop -- it was on a supported list for Linux, but what 
>>>I didn't realize is that there are no less than three completely 
>>>different cards with the same part number!  This kind of thing is enough 
>>>to make you want to give up doing wireless networking under open-source 
>>>operating systems.
>>>I haven't tried Andrea's suggestion yet, but I hope to this weekend.
>>*sigh* You are right, David. I was in exactly the same situation, I got 
>>blinded by a D-Link 650+. Of course no trace of the mentioned chip in 
>>wi(4). After that i tried to find a Linksys card. Well, i found one, but 
>>- life can be so cruel - it did not have the listed Prism Chip, it was 
>>either AMD or Admtek. 3rd try: SMC 2602W.
>>Now i got the SMC 2602W (the package says it is version 2 :/ ) which has 
>>a Admtek ADM8211 chip on it. BLOODY! I plugged in the card, and hey, of 
>>course it does NOT work. "pciconf -v -l":
>>none1 at pci0:8:0: class=0x028000 card=0x260210b8 chip=0x82011317 rev=0x11 
>>    vendor   = 'Admtek Inc'
>>    class    = network
>>Andrea's tip does not help here, as there is no information in 
>>pci_vendors what to add exactly in wi_if_pci.c.
>>Well, who can help now? Where to go next?
> Unfortunatly I got this version of the SMC2602W card too :/   Andrea's
> tip will not help us here because the wi driver does not understand
> the Admtek ADM8211 chip :(   What did you guys end up with, did you
> buy a new card or what?
> For what it's worth the vendor is 0x1317 and the device is 0x8201 (if
> you put those two numbers together you get the chip from pciconf :)

What i did end up? Hehe... Still waiting for the promised land! So i 
will smack the card in my WinXP, as a temporary solution, until the 
driver (which is beeing written ATM by some guy for NetBSD) makes it to 

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