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Mon Apr 7 07:12:21 PDT 2003

        I have setup my named "bind 9" to run in a sandbox. I followed the
instructions in the FreeBSD handbook. I had the FreeBSd handbook pulled up
online. I followed the inststruction step by step. I had no problems or
glitches during the process. After making the changes named fails to
start. It is unable to find the configuration files. One example is the
"named.root" file. I added the full path in the config and it found the
file. The example is below.

zone "." {
        type hint;
        file "/etc/namedb/master/named.root";

Named will run now but it still can not find the other files it needs to
work. I tried changing the paths in the config file to full path along
with other changes. But nothing seems to work. I have a snap of the log
below along with named.conf.

===============log snap===================
Apr  3 22:19:59 frank named[5082]: starting BIND 9.2.2
Apr  3 22:19:59 frank named[5082]: /usr/local/etc/named.conf:10: couldn't
find k
ey 'rndc-key' for use with command channel
Apr  3 22:19:59 frank named[5082]: command channel listening on
Apr  3 22:19:59 frank named[5082]: zone loading
file master/localhost.rev: file not found
Apr  3 22:19:59 frank named[5082]: zone localhost/IN: loading master file
/named.localhost: file not found

The rndc-key is in /etc/named and it did work prior to building the

// $FreeBSD: src/etc/namedb/named.conf,v 2001/05/28 13:47:00
sheldonh Ex
p $
// Refer to the named(8) man page for details.  If you are ever going
// to setup a primary server, make sure you've understood the hairy
// details of how DNS is working.  Even with simple mistakes, you can
// break connectivity for affected parties, or cause huge amount of
// useless Internet traffic.

controls {
      inet port 953
              allow {; } keys { "rndc-key"; };

key {
        algorithm hmac-md5;
        secret "abc123ABC123AbC123aBc123==";
options {
        directory "/";
        //named-xfer "/bin/named-xfer";
        allow-transfer { key; };
        query-source address * port 53;
        version "DNS on";

zone "localhost" IN {
            type master;
            file "master/named.localhost";
            allow-transfer { localhost; };
            notify no;

zone "" IN {
            type master;
            file "master/localhost.rev";
            allow-transfer { localhost; };
            notify no;

zone "." {
        type hint;
        file "/etc/namedb/master/named.root";

=======below this is example zone entries==============

As you can see bind 9 installed in "/usr/local/sbin". Bind 8 was installed
in "/usr/sbin". I moved the bind 8 executable to a different file name and
made a link from "/usr/sbin" to the named executable in
"/usr/local/sbin". I also made a link from "/etc/named/etc/named.conf" to
a named.conf in "/usr/local/etc" because bind 9 was looking for the config
file there.

With the exception of the two sym links everything is setup as the
handbook instructed. Anybody out there have any ideas?

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	dusk at

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