XFree86 4.3 freezes on me.

Mike Meyer mwm-dated-1050154769.9cc3bc at mired.org
Mon Apr 7 06:39:33 PDT 2003

It seems that I fried my X installation going from 4.2.1 to 4.3. The
new one spits out the standard looking messages, but X doesn't start -
I'm stuck looking at the screen of messages. Further, I can no longer
switch virtual consoles - I'm just stuck there. The only way to get my
console back is to log in over the network and reboot.

I tried running xf86config to generate a new /etc/X11/XF86Config, but
that didn't make any difference - I get the same behavior.

I realize this isn't a lot of information to go on.  I've attached
both the new xf86config file and the log from trying to start it,
because I'm not sure what parts of it might be relevant. I'd
appreciate it if someone who groks this stuff better than I do could
look over it, and possibly give me suggestions on fixes.

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