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Matthew Emmerton matt at
Sun Apr 6 07:03:30 PDT 2003

> Quoting Giorgos Keramidas <keramida at>:
> > I'd probably boot single user mode and run 'mergemaster' after mounting
> > all the filesystems.
> Giorgios,
> Am I expecting too much of mergemaster?
> I took your advice and ran it without any options.
> It showed me the comparision between old and new files as it ran on the
> console, and stored the new files in /var/tmp/temproot for me to compare
> adjust my old files - without any guide about what the differences might
> The "old" files remain untouched until I manually change them.
> Is there at least a log somewhere which highlights any differences so I
> the same sort of guide that appeared on the console when I ran

The differences are shown, per file, when you run mergemaster.  You can
choose "i" (install) to install the new file, which will wipe out any
changes you may have made in your "old" version.  Of your can choose to
"leave until later", and then you will have to diff and merge the changes by
hand.  (Use the diff command to show the differences, and then edit your
"old" files with the changes.)

> BTW, the difference between old and new appears (more-or-less)
> cosmetic - BUT I didn't have a and one or two other
> which look important.

If you don't have some of the files which look important, then you should
have chosen "i" (install) when mergemaster gave you the choice.  For these,
just copy them from /var/tmp/temproot into their appropriate place.

Matt Emmerton

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