How much RAM is needed for FreeBSD

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Sat Apr 5 17:06:35 PST 2003

On Saturday 05 April 2003 01:48 pm, Jason Burgess wrote:
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> > Hello!
> > I was looking for information : how much RAM is needed to run FreeBSD
> on
> > a Pentium Computer?
> > There is no information on your website / documentation for Version
> 5.0
> should be something like 4Mb, iirc

that's outdated information for older releases.  see the FAQ
I think that information that all will run in 4MB is out of date now too.
I'd be surprised if 5.0 could boot in 4MB in a useful form, even after a 
custom kernel was built.

> I've never had any luck below 8MB.
> 	Jason Burgess

The only documentation on this that I see is in the FAQ.  The FAQ only refers 
to 2.x, 3.x, and 4.x anyway.  I'm not sure what the doc project has in mind 
for 5.x documentation.   I received another email that said he was not able 
to install 5.0 in less than 20 MB, so there's a data point.

Anyone want to take this up with doc at  It seems this is a FAQ, but 
would be well to place the minimum memory requirements in the install 
instructions since no one reads the FAQ it seems.


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