can't find smbpasswd file

Matthias Szupryczynski silk_worm at
Sat Apr 5 01:03:41 PST 2003

On Sat, 2003-04-05 at 10:52, Antoine Jacoutot wrote:
> I am having the most stupid problem.
> I've been using samba for a little while now, and today, I need to remove an 
> account from the smbpasswd file but there is no way I can find it. I know it 
> is here somewhere (and in use !).
> I know I can use the command line to deactive an account or so, but I really 
> need to have a look at this file.
> I did a search on my system and there's no file called smbpasswd (except the 
> binary one). I think at one point I must have made a mistake and created the 
> smbpasswd file with another name I guess...
> Is there a way to find it, like grepping my entire system for samba username 
> account inside files ?

Shouldn't there be an entry like this in your smb.conf file ?

smb passwd file = /path/to/your/smbpasswd/file

At least this is true for my box.



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