sending mail with a script question

David Banning david at
Fri Apr 4 22:59:24 PST 2003

> > cat textfile | mutt -s"Quote/Attachments" -afile1 -afile2 john at
> > 
> > but the problem is that the recipient sees the sender address as
> > from "nobody at", when I want it seen as "david at".
> > I have the name of the user available in the script but I see no
> > way of running the mail script as that person since any browser viewing
> > the system is "nobody".
> In the context of the MTA, does your MTA "trust" the user the webserver is
> running as???

I think so. If I understand you correctly, you are asking, in my case,
"does sendmail successfully send out mail as user nobody?". The answer
to that, is yes. The problem with sending mail to people as nobody,
is that the person who receives the fax gets it from nobody at
instead of david at I plan on having different people
running the browser and hence, sending out emails through this system.
They all can't be "nobody at".
I could maybe deal with that by setting the "reply to" field in 
the message, but that still leaves a weird email address of "nobody"
which I would rather not use, if I don't have to.

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