Backup/RAID dillema

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Why don't you throw another hard drive in and run off of another
pre-installed IDE channel?  Obviously, if you're already using all your
channels, this wouldn't work, but it's probably the cheapest method since
people normally pay mucho $$$ for bandwidth.

A second server is usually too much $$$ unless you already have a second
need for another server.  Using CVSup to another server, however, could be
the answer that you're looking for assuming you have your own network and
aren't shelling out mega bucks for a second server.

CVSup updates only files needing to be updated (i.e., the newer files
only),...if you want, thus saving bandwidth.

Hope this helps!

Will Ashworth

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> I am looking for a reliable backup system to be able to have the least
> downtime possible in the case of a disk failure or the likes. My host does
> not support tape backup for FreeBSD, nor do they support hardware IDE RAID
> for it. I am down to almost no option besides vinum, but from what I see
> the vinum tutorials you must have a fresh install of FreeBSD to be able to
> use it in mirroring mode. Does anyone know of a way to have reliable data
> backup that can suit my needs?
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