How to write to console

Jeff Shevlen jeff at
Fri Apr 4 09:41:24 PST 2003

Thanks for your help Dan, we'll give that a try...

On Fri, Apr 04, 2003 at 10:40:41AM -0600, Dan Nelson wrote:
> In the last episode (Apr 04), Jeff Shevlen said:
> > I hate to add a variation on a thread before it's been solved, but is
> > it possible to "jump into" a console from an outside process?  Lets
> > say you have a remote machine and you want to check in on a process
> > underway in ttyv0?  Can you do it?  (Not urgent, but a coworker and I
> > were trying to figure this one out yesterday and this thread is too
> > similar not to ask...)
> If you have the snp device in the kernel, you can use the 'watch'
> command to attach to any TTY and get a copy of all output sent to it. 
> You won't be able to read what's already on the screen, though, since
> ttys themselves don't have a history.
> One exception is vtys ( /dev/ttyv* ).  Syscons consoles do have a
> history, and you can use the vidcontrol command to display that (see
> the -P and -H switches).
> The best solution is to use ports/misc/screen and run your jobs in a
> screen session that you then attach to remotely later.
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