Ivar Tenter ivar at neonet.lv
Thu Apr 3 22:50:03 PST 2003

Good Day/Morning ;)
My name is Ivar Tenter. I am administator of 3 Latvian ISP Companies, called 
Junik, Neonet and soon Telia/Sonera too. I have own 100Mbit line and own WSP 
called Sunshine.lv. I want to be Latvian Freebsd support team "Master" and 
webhoster of lv.freebsd.org or lv2.freebsd.org - what can i do to be that?
/me mean that /me want to be FreeBSD Support Line in Latvia (like Support 
Line ;). Me is member of Latvian Open Source Code Association called LAKA 
(http://www.laka.lv). Please answer as fast as you can.

Post Scriptum: on ALL servers i use(and on workstation too) FreeBSD :) 

Ivar Tenter
Sunshine.lv Project Owner
ivar at neonet.lv

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