#!sh grep and move files

Mike Meyer mwm-dated-1049829134.52a521 at mired.org
Thu Apr 3 11:12:16 PST 2003

In <200304031147.30097.mbettinger at championelevators.com>, Matthew Bettinger <mbettinger at championelevators.com> typed:
> I am trying to find the best way to search through several thousand files and 
> move some to a different directory.  The files are all prefixed with LB.  
> Like, LBX99.DAT141683.
> 1~TA~  (standing for timeand attendance labor transactions)
>  I've tried
> #!/usr/bin/sh
> for x in `find /dir -type f -exec grep '1~TA' [] \;`
> do
> mv $x /newdir
> done

Assuming there are few enough matching files that you don't run out of
arguments, try:

	cd /dir; mv $(grep -lr 1-TA- .) /newdir

will do the trick.

If you have to man files for arguments, then you can use xargs:

$ cd /dir
$ grep -lr 1-TA- . | xargs -J % mv % /newdir

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