FreeBSD Port/Distribution Installation

David Banning david at
Thu Apr 3 08:47:19 PST 2003

On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 05:25:50PM +0800, Sukhbinder Singh wrote:
> I got the bin distribution installed at the first time when I installed this
> whole new FreeBSD into my computer for the very first time using the 2 image
> floppy disk. First, I tried installing them using ftp. However, I was unable
> to connect or start a ftp connection after successive tries. Then, I copied
> the bin distibution from the /bin folder from the  site into
> my harddisk and when I started the installation program, when the
> installation program prompted me for the type of installation method that I
> want to use I choose to install using dos partition method. Then in this way
> the FreeBSD Installation program automatically went to the dos partition and
> downloaded the bin directory. Now, I am unable to get to the screen where it
> will allow me to choose the kinds of distributions that I need to install
> and the kind of installation method that I want to use such as installing
> via ftp, dos partition, floopies ,etc . Do I need to use the 2 floopies
> (kern.flp and mfsroot.flp) again this time or can I just pop up this
> installation window from root itself ? I mean do I have to go through the
> step of what I went through at the time when I first set up freebsd into my
> system, like booting the computer using the 2 floppies images that one
> copies to first install freebsd or can I now just do it from the root. I
> need to know the command how can I download the /games distribution or the
> /crypto distribution which I have in my Hard Disk but it is in the dos
> partition side. Once I can copy these files from the dos partition to the
> freebsd partition then I can obviously install them. But now these files or
> distribution exist but it is in my dos partition and not in my FreeBSD
> partition. I am not sure if I can just install them from the dos partition
> itself or do I need to copy them from the dos partition side to the FreeBSD
> partition and then install them in the FreeBSD partition. Any help will be
> helpful.

We need to establish whether you have a system up and running or not.
The floppies aside, can you boot into a working FreeBSD system?
If so, I suggest the next best thing to do is get your internet connection
working. Only -then- can you connect the server and download anything
you want.

You are interested in the games distribution. I don't know how
familiar you are with FreeBSD.  I have not explored all of the games by
far, but what I have seen vary trememdously from say, windows or dos 
based games. Many games are very simple, often ascii based. Others are
more complex and may require that you have X running on your system.

You have to deal with one thing at a time. First get your base system
up and operating, then get your "ppp" connection working. Once you are
connected to the net you can learn how to use "cvsup". -Then- you can
cvsup the "ports" which -includes- the games. Once you have done this
you can compile and install games pretty easily. If you want to install
any graphics based games, you will need XFree86 installed. That is
another mini-project.

It is a little easier if you have the cdroms for installation. 

Keep in mind that for someone interest in exploring games, it is a -long-
curve of learning to get there for simply that purpose. Most people
installing FreeBSD are learning it for professional or education purposes.
You really have to enjoy the process of learning the system, understanding
one area of the system at a time.  

Keep posting to the list, as other may have input that is helpful.

Good luck.

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