SOLVED! Re: Sendmail + Cyrus + Procmail(?) + SpamAssassin

Kirk Strauser kirk at
Thu Apr 3 07:27:05 PST 2003

At 2003-04-03T14:51:05Z, Alexander.Farber at (Alexander Farber) writes:

> I use fetchmail -> procmail -> SpamAssasin -> Courier-IMAP on OpenBSD and
> it works fine - procmail is able to deliver to Courier-IMAP folders, you
> just have to name them .blah/

Cyrus is a little different.  It maintains its own database, and the only
way to write to it is through cyrus' own "deliver" program.

> (and BTW you don't have to have locks on them so you don't need the last
> colon in :0:) Here is my ~/.procmailrc:

Thanks for the tip!  I'm not good with procmail at all; I've only ever used
it with SpamAssassin and never as a stand-alone program.
Kirk Strauser
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