newfs parameters for a 500 GB volume ?

Heinrich Rebehn rebehn at
Wed Apr 2 22:51:33 PST 2003


I am repeating the post below, because it obviously hasn't made it to 
the list (at least i did not get it back from the list).

Can someone please give me some advice, because i will be setting up the 
discs today.

Thank you


I am going to set up a RAID 0 array with two 250G drives, making 500G.
Which newfs parameters would you recommend for it?
I am afraid of ending up with a fs with Gigs of space and no inodes
left, or a fs that is heavily fragmented and slow.
Reading the newfs manpage didn't quit help me, it explains all switches
The files on the volume will be 2 MB average.

Thank you for any suggestions or pointers.


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