FreeBSD Port/Distribution Installation

Sukhbinder Singh sukhbinders at
Wed Apr 2 21:39:47 PST 2003


       My question was how can one install more distribution from the root directory when the first initial installation was only the required \bin distribution. if now I want to install the games port or distribution how can I install it. Firstly, I do not have this games port downloaded into my FreeBSD partition yet. I need to do this. How can I download the FreeBSD games port/distribution or the crypto port/distrbution which is in my dos partition (hard disk) from being logged in the root directory in FreeBSD. Can one explain this please. Because I do not have this distributions in my FreeBSD partitions yet. I need to copy them or download them from my harddisk in the dos partition or from windows '95 that I am using. 
Any help will be helpful. 



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