Technical question about scripts

Dragoncrest dragoncrest at
Wed Apr 2 18:52:30 PST 2003

	I've got a bit of a technical question about doing scripts.  I've created 
a script that I use for expediting changes to one of my servers to save me 
a large number or repetitive steps that I have to do.  My question is this 
though.  Using either Pico or VI I need to be able to have the script know 
if I've saved/changed the file or if I just exited out without saving my 
changes.  Cause if I exited out without saving changes, I want it to abort 
the rest of the script, but if I changed any one of my config files, I want 
it to then complete the rest of the script.  Anyone know how to do this via 
a shell script?

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