sendmail woes

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Wed Apr 2 18:23:47 PST 2003

On 2003-04-03 10:55, bastill at wrote:
> In discussion on -stable, people have been trying to help me with a
> sendmail issue.  The effect is for sendmail to refuse to start, no
> matter what, and I cannot use the Internet from that box.  (I am using
> webmail and Windoze - <sob> - to send this message)
> One problem is that the version of sendmail and its .cf file are out
> of sync and I don't know how to correct this.  There might be other
> problems I need to address.

Start by reading /etc/mail/README and then by regenerating your file.  Running the following as root should be fine,
but you should really read the README file for hints and pointers
to more detailed documentation.

	# cd /etc/mail
	# test -f `hostname`.mc && cp `hostname`.mc `hostname`.mc.BAK
	# cp `hostname`.mc
	# make && make install
	# make stop ; make restart

Then, if the file `hostname`.mc.BAK exists, you should check the
differences of that file and `hostname`.mc and merge local changes
back into `hostname`.mc that were lost in the process.

- Giorgos

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