Properly installing the XFree86 4.3.0 port on Freebsd 5

dave dave at
Wed Apr 2 14:12:21 PST 2003

At 04:51 PM 4/2/2003, you wrote:

>I've been trying to install the X 4.3.0 Port on a full install of FreeBSD 5
>Release. In regards to my attempts at installing, I've got several questions.
>1. By default, the initial full install puts XFree86 4.2.0 on the system.
>How do I properly overwrite/uninstall this so that 4.3.0 can replace it?
>When I use 'make install clean' in the XFree86-4 port and examine using
>pkg_version, there are two XFree86s.
>2. A little more desperate. How do I properly install the 4.3.0 port? I've
>tried numerous times in XFree86-4 as well as its client, libraries, server
>and fonts directories and every time it fails.

There are almost always more than one way to do things successfully,
some are easier than others. Some are quite convoluted, homegrown,
and come from seriously disturbed minds.

This is how I've done it now on several machines:

Install the XFree86 4.2.0 via the ports collection and make sure it runs ok.
CVSUP the latest ports collection.
portupgrade -rR XFree86

installed perfectly!

It seemed like when I did the portupgrade without getting the latest ports
distribution it said i was all up to date with v4.2.0 and wouldn't upgrade.

The second step is possibly not necessary, or another way to do it is probably


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