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Tue Apr 1 13:44:22 PST 2003

In <200304011736.50814.fallenbr at>, Konrad Scorciapino <fallenbr at> typed:
> > What did you try sending to /dev/ulpt0 that caused things to lock up?
> Anything I tried caused the system to lock up. Here are some examples
> konrad at localhost /home/konrad # lptest > /dev/ulpt0
> konrad at localhost /home/konrad # ls > /dev/ulpt0
> konrad at localhost /home/konrad # cat /etc/cvsupfile > /dev/ulpt0

> > > And how do I know whether my printer is a winprinter or not?
> > The standard way is by sending it flat ascii text, and seeing if it
> > prints that. If it prints the text you sent, it's not a winprinter. If
> > it does nothing, or prints gibberish, it's probably a winprinter.
> So it means that my printer is a winprinter?

Ok, I misinterpreted "system locked up" to mean your FreeBSD system
froze. From the looks of things, that's not the case - the sending
program just locks up.

It's probably a winprinter. You can use those on FreeBSD if there's a
driver for it for ghostscript. The ijs driver should support the
656C. From there, you can either install apsfilter - which will
install an a2ps port to print ascii, or install magicfilter and then
use your favorite ascii to postscript printing tool to print straight
text. I prefer enscript for that. Either one will detect various
graphics formats and automatically translate them to postscript to be
printed via ghostscript.

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