VPN pass through?

John Murphy jfm at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Apr 1 12:23:25 PST 2003

"Mark-Nathaniel Weisman" <mark at outlander.us> wrote:
<long lines re-formatted>
>I have a W2K VPN server (RRAS using PPTP) setup behind my FreeBSD firewall.
>I also have a web server, mail server, and several others. I've setup up my
>ipfw to allow packets for port 1723 on both tcp and udp from any to any,
>and setup up NATD to redirect_port 1723 to the internal address of my VPN
>box. I am unable to pass the packets through, and when I put the redirect
>statement in my natd.conf file, none of the redirection works. I've tried
>redirecting both the port and the protocol to no avail.
>Can someone take a moment to explain where I'm going wrong?

You need to pass proto gre.  Ipfw may do this by default, I'm not sure,
but I had to add:

pass in quick on ed0 proto gre all
pass out quick on ed0 proto gre all

to get a VPN working through an ipf firewall.

You may not need to redirect 1723 if the firewall is 'stateful'
and you initiate the connection from 'this' end.


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