Using jailNG with 4.7R and the upcoming 4.8R

Andreas Berg andy at
Tue Apr 1 08:56:51 PST 2003


I'd like to use jailNG as described in the developers handbook Chapter 
12.3. I downloaded the diff files available through the link there and 
tried to apply them to my 4.7R kernel source, but several chunks of the 
patch failed to apply correctly.

I'm wondering, are there up to date patches available for 4.7R and possibly 
for the upcoming 4.8R too ?

I'm going to use two jails to set up two gateways on one computer and need 
the jails to be able to access my NICs directly using PPPoE for my ADSL and 
dhclient for my Ethernet connection and I hope that jailNG could do the 
trick for me.

Any ideas ?

Andreas Berg
a n d y ( a t ) l i g h t m a g i c ( d o t ) n e t 

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