Cloning a jail

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At 2003-04-01T14:32:51Z, Hari Bhaskaran <subscr at> writes:

> When I need to clone a jail, would a cp -Rp do?

I don't know about `cp' (I'm not sure how well it deals with device nodes,
symlinks, etc), but yes, making an exact copy of the file structure should
result in an identical jail.

> Also can I hardlink a tree (outside) to inside the jail?

Once you've made a hardlink, the system has no concept of the "original
location".  Both of the filesystem entries point to a structure on the disk;
that structure doesn't refer back to those entries, point to one, and say
"that's my parent!"

However, depending on what you want to do, using NFS may be a nice approach.
You can make a directory and its children read-only to the jail, but
read-write outside of the jail.  It's also a lot clearer later on that a
particular directory is used by several different systems on the same
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