John Meyer john at
Tue Apr 1 05:06:59 PST 2003

Good Day.

I have a small problem compared to the problems listed here. I have Freebsd
v3.1 (fairly old). I have compiled the kernel with
options IPFIREWALL and
options IPDIVERT

in my rc.conf file I have

In the etc dir I have a file called firewall.ast.

My problem is I seem to get an error at bootup stating as if you are running
ipfw cmd without options. I have disabled all the rules in firewall.ast
except the first one.
add 00100 tcp from any to any

When I disable that as well all seems to work well. It looks like the option
in rc.conf firewall_type="/etc/firewall.ast" does not get interpreted

2nd Problem is I need to divert my public ip port 80 to a private ip port 80
what are the steps in natd to follow without compromising my security on the
private side.

Thank you very much in advance for any assistance.

John Meyer
AST Namibia

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