[FWD]: python 3.2 byte-compiling pkg-plist iceberg

Stas freebsp at mail.ru
Wed Nov 21 13:49:50 UTC 2012

> After last update, python32 port started byte-compiling foo.py into
> foo.cpython-32.pyc instead of predictable foo.pyc. This broke a
> non-trivial number of ports on plists.
> How do you propose we proceed fixing this?
> -- 
> -- 
> Pav Lucistnik <pav at oook.cz>
>               <pav at FreeBSD.org>

Are this problem solved? 
Magic part of foo.<magic>.pyc file described here http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-3147/
But there are no solution how to fix plist

Stas Burst, freebsp [AT] mail (d0t) ru



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