Python 2.5.1 as default Python version

Alexander Botero-Lowry alexbl at
Mon Jul 30 09:51:21 UTC 2007

This is just a quick message to note that we have made Python 2.5.1 the default
Python version in the FreeBSD ports collection as of about a minute ago.
This change also included a considerable amount of work to make support for
Python Eggs more useable in the Ports collection, by provoiding a few macros
for working with easy_install registration, as well as support for Python 2.5's
egginfo files.
Most, if not all, of the work was done by Hye-Shik Chang (perky@) who has done
a great job of getting this change into the tree. I'd also like to thank
Pav Lucistnik (pav@) for being really on the ball about getting experimental
runs done for us so we could get these changes in with a minimal amount of 
damage within the ports tree. We know there are still a few stragling ports,
and will be working to fix them as quickly as possible. The ones we know of
right now are: java-gcj-compat, gsculpt, py25-wxPython-common, gourmet, and
Please direct questions, requests, and complaints to python at


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