revision 341006 quite unusable

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Wed Nov 28 16:43:44 UTC 2018

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Looking at BUILD(7) and RELEASE(7) there are piles of secret knowledge
all over the place in various bits and the handbook is not all that
useful. One needs to sit down and read for hours and hours and then
reference here there and everywhere and run days of experiments to watch
things "not work" over and over and over until maybe someday arrive at a
process and procedure that works.  I think I have installed FreeBSD at
least twenty times in the last two months and there are always little
problems to sort out. Every time. The ppc64 bits are a fun experiment
and I'd like to see that working given all the great stuff happening at
IBM and with the new "Summit" supercomputer. Makes one think that Power9
has a life for a while yet and I don't have to run Debian on ye old
IBM970 ppc64 boxen. However getting a build to actually happen in the
secret sequence and install the secret bits takes a lot of patience. I
have just accepted that I will just keep on plugging away over and over
and eventually arrive at a machine with all cores working and a recent
up to date kernel and other bits. Getting there is like crawling through
the swamps of Mordor with one core and one thread working.


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