12-RC2 Slow under KVM

Luciano Mannucci luciano at vespaperitivo.it
Wed Nov 28 12:03:53 UTC 2018

I've run a "make test" after having compiled php 7.1.24 on two hardwares,
one is a PPC quad cores running under kvm, the other an old amd machine,
both running freebsd. Here are the results:

OS: FreeBSD powerpc64
Hostname: pippo
Kernel: 12.0-RC2
Uptime: 1 day 21:46
Processes: 33
RAM: 4052M / 4052M
Shell: csh

make: stopped in /usr/local/src/php/php-7.1.24
523.594u 1627.936s 39:05.64 91.7%       12530+1582k 18859+138858io 2098pf+0w

Same on old amd64 hardware:
OS: FreeBSD amd64
Hostname: hermex.mcs.it
Kernel: 11.2-RELEASE-p3
Uptime: 37 days 16:59
Processes: 49
RAM: 3007M / 3929M
CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 920 Processor
Shell: csh

make: stopped in /usr/local/src/php-7.1.24
390.864u 226.795s 35:17.16 29.1%	13832+1166k 13475+250894io 42510pf+3w

The dofference seems a bit too big, especially in system calls time. Is
it normal?

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