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On 2018-Nov-19, at 08:17, Dennis Clarke <dclarke at> wrote:

> On 11/19/18 11:12 AM, Justin Hibbits wrote:
>> On Mon, 19 Nov 2018 11:05:44 -0500
>> Dennis Clarke <dclarke at> wrote:
>>> On 11/19/18 10:46 AM, Justin Hibbits wrote:
>>> <snip>
>>>> Did you first make kernel-toolchain or make buildworld, for this?
>>>> I'm assuming you're using either MPC85XX, MPC85XXSPE or QORIQ64 as
>>>> the kernel.  Which target are you using: powerpc, powerpcspe, or
>>>> powerpc64?
>>> Is this sort of stepwise knowledge documented ?
>>> I see here  :
>>> So this "kernel-toolchain" is not there at all. I am speaking out of
>>> turn given that I have yet to see my own little ppc64 experiment build
>>> a kernel yet and in fact it has been working slowly on gdb-8.2 from
>>> ports for nearly twenty hours. I expect to get around to building
>>> current sometime later today and it would ne nice to know what little
>>> secrets are hidden from the online docs.  The gcc build docs are about
>>> the same so maybe just experience and experiments are needed to
>>> determine a stable path to building current.
>>> Dennis
>> "make buildworld" will build the toolchain.  'make kernel-toolchain' is
>> the minimal subset of world required to build the kernel.  If "make
>> buildworld" is run, that's more than sufficient.
> Thank you for that :-)

There is the "man build" or "man 7 build", shown
as a web page at:

It says, for example,

     kernel-toolchain  Rebuild the tools needed	for kernel compilation.	 Use
		       this if you did not do a	buildworld first.

There is a popup for selecting what vintage/context
of the page that the man button will get the page from. has an example use, but
does not talk theory for such.

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