The PowerMac G5 internal hard disk SATA question

Dennis Clarke dclarke at
Thu Nov 15 16:18:53 UTC 2018

Someone (offlist) asked if my shiney new Seagate hard disk was
compatible with SATA-I and I wouldn't know. I have had various types of
hard disks in this thing and also some SSD types. Nothing is very fast
and all of them worked.

Not sure if anyone else has tried to attach a new Samsung EVO SSD onto 
an old PowerMac G5 but I would be interested to hear the results. In the 
mean while I will figure out how to fully backup the contents of my old 
Apple branded Hitachi Deskstar HDS725050KLA360 500GB disk which has a
very stable Debian sid PPC64 image on it. I figure dd will do the trick.

If there is a way to install FreeBSD from a USB stick onto a PowerMac G5
well I'd love to hear from someone about the OpenFirmware magic needed.
Thus far using a PC keyboard and a Vulkan nerve pinch CTRL+O+F does not
get me to the openfirmware prompt. It has been a while since I tried and
it may need a six fingered vulkan hand to do CTRL+SHIFT+O+F to work.

Then boot ud:,\\:tbxi ???


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