after running the installer on a PowerMac G5 no root filesystem found

Dennis Clarke dclarke at
Wed Nov 14 16:53:02 UTC 2018

>>> At first boot I get a load of text and then a strange prompt that seems
>>> to be asking where is the root filesystem? It also lists all the various
>>> filesystems found. I tried to enter ufs:/dev/adas2 and similar things
>>> but this gets me nothing but an unrecognized filesystem message.
>>> So .. something obvious?
>> Can you try setting the variable kern.smp.disabled to 1 at the
>> loader prompt?
>> If that helps, you can add
>> kern.smp.disabled=1
>> to /boot/leader.conf
> I meant /boot/loader.conf.

To do that at all I would need to be able to get to the root filesystem.

>> I had all sorts of problems until I disabled SMP on my G5 PowerMacs.
>> Without SMP they are running very stable.

So FreeBSD can not run on ye old IBM PPC970 units with multiple cores or
multiple sockets?  That sounds like a critical bug.

Dennis Clarke

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