Installing on G5

Milan Obuch freebsd-ppc at
Thu Jan 26 17:45:59 UTC 2012

On Thu, 26 Jan 2012 13:26:58 -0330
Roger Mason <rmason at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am attempting to install freebsd-9.0 on a PowerMac dual processor G5
> (970).  I burned the "bootonly" image to a CD and booted it from open
> firmware using:
> boot cd:,\ppc\loader cd:0
> The cd does not boot.  The last messages are:
> (cd0:ata0:0:0:0): cddone: got error back
> iichb0: I2C error
> Then the fan accelerates until I turn off the machine.

Is it powerpc or powerpc64? Just for completeness...

boot cd:,\ppc\bootinfo.txt

works for me with 9.0 rc3 powerpc64,

boot cd:,\boot\loader cd:0

works for me with older 9.0 powerpc snapshop...

Your error messages seems to be not related - first one points to some
trouble reading CD (I got the same when I pulled CD out and then tried
something), while the second one seems to show completelly other
problem - at least on my PowerMac there are just temperature and
voltage sensors, with fan control unit as well, hanging off iichb0.

So I would just try to test CD for reading errors in another box, or
maybe try to burn new one...


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