On aarch64: "sysutils/hpacucli dependency on misc/compat4x has wrong PKGNAME"

Mark Millard marklmi at yahoo.com
Thu May 20 03:44:46 UTC 2021

I was doing a poudriere pkgclean under:

# uname -apKU
FreeBSD CA72_16Gp_ZFS 13.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE #0 releng/13.0-n244733-ea31abc261ff-dirty: Thu Apr 29 21:53:20 PDT 2021     root at CA72_4c8G_ZFS:/usr/obj/BUILDs/13_0R-CA72-nodbg-clang/usr/13_0R-src/arm64.aarch64/sys/GENERIC-NODBG-CA72  arm64 aarch64 1300139 1300139

and got a message:

[00:07:18] Warning: sysutils/hpacucli dependency on misc/compat4x has wrong PKGNAME of 'compat4x-i386' but should be 'compat4x-aarch64'

For reference:

# cd /usr/ports
# ~/fbsd-based-on-what-commit.sh 
branch: main
merge-base: b309895b3544ffba9e8df8786062ec6013c752ff
merge-base: CommitDate: 2021-05-17 06:32:36 +0000
b309895b3544 (HEAD -> main, freebsd/main, freebsd/HEAD) x11-themes/kde-icons-black-and-white: add LICENSE, take MAINTAINER
n545993 (--first-parent --count for merge-base)

Mark Millard
marklmi at yahoo.com
( dsl-only.net went
away in early 2018-Mar)

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