Python 37/38 conflict, was Re: Trubles compiling lxqt on RPi4

bob prohaska fbsd at
Wed May 19 16:09:32 UTC 2021

On Tue, May 18, 2021 at 09:24:00AM +0200, Stefan Esser wrote:
[portmaster background omitted] 
> If you want to give the attached port a try, it will install LUA and some

I tried ports-mgmt/portmaster, it got stuck the same as make.
Unless the new version behaves very differently I'm doubtful it'll

At the moment it looks like lxqt requires both python37 and python38.
The needs seem to arise at different stages of the build, so perhaps
they can be invoked, used and removed sequentially, but at this point
deleting python37 causes enough collateral damage to make further
progress impossible, or at least non-obvious. 

If the conflict is really limited to merely naming two versions of 
/usr/local/bin/easy_install fixing the naming convention seems to be 
the obvious answer. I remain baffled why something called "easy_install" 
remains essential after installatiion.  Unless of course it's not really 
an installer. Even so, a more sensible naming scheme strikes me as helpful.

It isn't apparent to me that something like poudriere can solve this sort
of problem either. If poudriere attempts to build lxqt in a single jail
it looks like the conflict will emerge within the jail. It'd have to
split the build between two or more jails and then merge the (compatible)
executables into a third jail for completion, AIUI. 
At this point I'm stuck. 

Thanks for reading and your offer of help!

bob prohaska


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