Is there a way to subscribe to the commit messages for only ports you maintain?

Chris portmaster at
Tue May 18 17:45:24 UTC 2021

On 2021-05-18 09:27, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> Dave Horsfall wrote:
>> On Tue, 18 May 2021, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
>> > I'd use /usr/ports/mail/procmail
>> I wouldn't; it's an unsupported and obscure scripting language just asking
>> for bugs, and actually has several CVEs against it.
> URLs please ?
> None on
> just some obscure FUD
> 	"a number of security vulnerabilities have been discovered
> 	since its last release"
> But no URLs to CVEs. BTW It also says:
> 	"last maintainer, Philip Guenther,[4] to use an alternative
> 	tool, because procmail is not suited for MIME traffic."
> Yet procmail works with MIME for me.
> Maybe Procmail V. other is like debates on Emacs V. Vi, Sendmail V. Postfix 
> ?
> Procmail is mature software, just works, so people don't keep hacking it;
> That's a luxury, stable working tools that don't change:
>   I constantly loose time tracking the latest FreeBSD at cost of
>   working round loss of code in src/ & ports/.  (Occasionaly src/
>   is even butchered at short order before code might arrive in
>   ports/ after complaint).
>   src/ losses inc. (partial list from mem.): eg timed groff amd etc.
>   ports/ losses (partial) eg www/chimera print/ghostview mail/openwebmail
>   I have own hacks to chimera & ghostview etc eg
>   But its a bother to maintain when constantly working code is under threat,
>   just cos its old & boring = works & not hacked ;-).
>> Better filters exist, such as "sieve" etc.
> Maybe ? I looked: Doesn't seem apparent, Seems Sieve is something Different 
> !
> & which components used how are better, given the example to solve ?
> Sieve doesn't seem a direct competitor for procmail ?
> Sieve seems a plug in for some specific mail & coms protocol tools,
> far as I've read ?  Not a stand alone local NMH tool ?
> There may well be better than procmail, but I havent seen or needed yet.
> Procmail has worked fine for me for 23+ years, all mistakes mine,
> none procmail's that I recall; I have not yet explored all the
> procmail functionality; & I couldn't happily loose time to re-write my 28 K
> line (after comments & spam phrases stripped) 20 file procmail rule set.
> A larger syntax sample inc. freebsd list filters
I hear you, Julian. Many (most?) people consider Sendmail a (dead?) dinosaur
because they (don't|care to) understand m4(1). But I've got a couple of
decades of hacks into it. That proves to me the possibilities are endless. In
fact, the logging hacks have netted me a 1/4 billion IPv4 addresses. Over 99%
of them are UNMAINTAINED. Proving the hype over IPv4 exhaustion is pure BS.
I track them, they remain unmaintained, and OUT of my mail queues. :-)

Thanks for taking the time to share your (wisdom) and hacks, Julian! :-)

> Cheers,

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