Is there a way to subscribe to the commit messages for only ports you maintain?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Tue May 18 16:27:43 UTC 2021

Dave Horsfall wrote:
> On Tue, 18 May 2021, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> > I'd use /usr/ports/mail/procmail
> I wouldn't; it's an unsupported and obscure scripting language just asking 
> for bugs, and actually has several CVEs against it.

URLs please ?
None on
just some obscure FUD 
	"a number of security vulnerabilities have been discovered
	since its last release"
But no URLs to CVEs. BTW It also says:
	"last maintainer, Philip Guenther,[4] to use an alternative
	tool, because procmail is not suited for MIME traffic."
Yet procmail works with MIME for me. 
Maybe Procmail V. other is like debates on Emacs V. Vi, Sendmail V. Postfix ?

Procmail is mature software, just works, so people don't keep hacking it;
That's a luxury, stable working tools that don't change:

  I constantly loose time tracking the latest FreeBSD at cost of
  working round loss of code in src/ & ports/.  (Occasionaly src/
  is even butchered at short order before code might arrive in
  ports/ after complaint).
  src/ losses inc. (partial list from mem.): eg timed groff amd etc.
  ports/ losses (partial) eg www/chimera print/ghostview mail/openwebmail

  I have own hacks to chimera & ghostview etc eg
  But its a bother to maintain when constantly working code is under threat,
  just cos its old & boring = works & not hacked ;-).

> Better filters exist, such as "sieve" etc.

Maybe ? I looked: Doesn't seem apparent, Seems Sieve is something Different !
& which components used how are better, given the example to solve ?
Sieve doesn't seem a direct competitor for procmail ?
Sieve seems a plug in for some specific mail & coms protocol tools,
far as I've read ?  Not a stand alone local NMH tool ?

There may well be better than procmail, but I havent seen or needed yet.
Procmail has worked fine for me for 23+ years, all mistakes mine,
none procmail's that I recall; I have not yet explored all the
procmail functionality; & I couldn't happily loose time to re-write my 28 K
line (after comments & spam phrases stripped) 20 file procmail rule set.

A larger syntax sample inc. freebsd list filters

Julian Stacey
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