pkg-fallout: License not correctly defined: defining both LICENSE_FILE and LICENSE_TEXT is not allowed

Christoph Moench-Tegeder cmt at
Fri May 14 21:19:22 UTC 2021

## Chris (portmaster at

> >  but the way it currently interacts
> > with your port is not that fine: in the very least, it overwrites
> > your LICENSE variables, which cannot be your intention. (Try
> > "make -V LICENSE" in kde-icons-nuovoext2).
> Sorry. My bad. LGPL3 is now included in the current LICENSE Templates.
> So LICENSE_FILE is redundant && pkg-fallout (the ports framework) was
> trying to use a "clue bat" to tell me so. ;-)

Absolutely not. Due to the included file, your port has not set
the LICENSE to "LGPL3" but to "theme". That is a severe problem,
you're not allowed to just put another license on that port. It's
also not "look at the Makefile, the intention is clear": the
LICENSE field ends up in the package, and there's no weaseling
around the problem.
Code bugs may be annoying, but "wrong license" is a mistake with
potential to awaken the lawyers. Fix it.


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